Flip for Improvisation ~ 3 Book Set


Teachers and students alike will FLIP for these fun and inspirational creativity books! Great for private and group lessons, workshops, and summer music camps. Get those creative juices flowing to master improvisation, or get a start on a composition with these three flip books:


Level 1 - FLIP "JR" - Animal Games (by Christine Schumann James)


Flip Jr. is our early level improvisation flip book, offers twenty-four card pairs to mix and match for hours of creative fun and learning at the piano. The student needs only to be able to recognize the two and three black key groups. Teaching applications include: black and white keys, half and whole steps, skips and steps, intervals, triads, and wide variety of scale patterns. 


Level 2 - Original FLIP - Theory Concepts & Technique Tricks 

(by Christine Schumann James) 


This is the original "Flip" improvisation tool, offering 24 rows (three cards each) especially designed to inspire fresh short improvisations or composition starters. This flip book introduces theory and technique concepts in an easy-to-use and creative, hands-on format.


Mix and match the cards for literally thousands of possible combinations (we did the math!) Glossary of definitions and “how-to’s” in the back of the book for easy reference.


Level 3 - FLIP "SR" - Scale, Modes and Rhythms (by Christine Schumann James)

Improvising with Flip Senior is a great way to learn scales, key signatures and rhythms, while mastering improvisation at the same time! It’s also a great way to get ideas for new compositions and musical projects. This flip book offers twenty-seven rows, with three cards each. Each row includes an imagery/title suggestion, a scale or tonality, and a notated rhythm. Key signatures, scale patterns, and time signatures are given on the respective card backs.


Mix and match the rows for endless creative possibilities...there are literally thousands of possible combinations!




Flip for Improvisation - Complete Set