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Teachers and students alike will FLIP for this fun and inspirational creativity book! Great for private and group lessons, workshops, and summer music camps. Get those creative juices flowing to master improvisation, or get a start on a composition!


Original Flip - Theory Concepts & Technique Tricks (Flip for Improvisation Level 2)

by Christine Schumann James


This is the original "Flip" improvisation tool, offering 24 rows (three cards each) especially designed to inspire fresh short improvisations or composition starters. This flip book introduces theory and technique concepts in an easy-to-use and creative, hands-on format. Mix and match the cards for literally thousands of possible combinations (we did the math!) Glossary of definitions and “how-to’s” in the back of the book for easy reference. 


SPECIAL PRICE!!! Wendy McGee's FMTA group - 20% off your order of 2 or more Flip for Improvisation books through February 2023! Use Coupon Code WENDYS20



"The Original" Flip - Theory Concepts & Technique Tricks -Flip for Improvisation

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