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Musical landscapes to set an atmosphere for your prayer and meditation, painting, office background or just sheer relaxation. Promises is my first inspired improvisation album. My recording technician, Andrew Alsum, and I set up, prayed for the Holy Spirit's inspiration, and the music flowed from there. There is little to no editing on these tracks, so it is raw, heartfelt, Spirit-lead. Performed on the 6'1" grand in my studio. There are 8 pieces to complete this album. Thanks for listening! ~Christine James


Copyright 2019, Christine James. Protected by the US Copyright Law. Please respect my rights as an artist. Thank you!



1 Sailboat

2 Eagle’s Wings

3 Free

4 Dancing

5 Rose

6 Envisage

7 Promise

8 Waiting


CD $8 

Digital Download  (singles only) $1.95 ea



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Digital Download (Entire Album or singles) 

Promises Album $7.92 

Promises Single Tracks $.99



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Promises Album CD ~ Piano Soundscapes by Christine James

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