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'Tis The Season!

.. be Jolly! be THANKFUL for the abundance in your life! take the time to put a SMILE on someone's face!

AND practice for (and get to) your music lessons even though there are a million other things going on :)

We have been having fun in the studio exercising our musical ears, putting together our own arrangements of Christmas carols. It will be fun this month at Performance Groups to hear what each student has come up with!

December is a short month for lessons (only thru the 17th) but all will get a nice break! On the Studio Plan (most are on), the fall semester lessons are all scheduled per semester (not monthly) so your monthly payment should be as usual. Make-up lessons are being scheduled this week, so you should be all set!

Parents STOP IN! at lessons this month for a nice beverage, and bring your Christmas list! I have all of my jewelry and art out on display for a nice relaxed opportunity to pick up some artsy gifts!


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