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Your Musical Instrument - A Vehicle!? (How to use your talents to pay for college!)

Want to get inspired? Watch this exciting video...these two share how they got (and others can too!) their entire college education...including a Masters Degree, by using their musical talents! (Video link below...)

I can personally attest to this reality! As a bassoonist, I was offered an all expenses paid scholarship by the University of Nevada, living expenses on top of it... (and they had never even heard me play!!!) I imagine they may have checked with the college I had been attending ...or were just really desperate for a bassoonist! The many opportunities I experienced through being a musician in college have opened many doors for my musical life today as a performing, composing and teaching musician!

Students and parents have asked me, when is a good time to start lessons? As you will hear in this video, start young and be planning and setting up for opportunities years in advance! I began piano at age 4 and other instruments starting in grade five, but if you've missed that window, it isn’t too late! I once had a young man who hadn’t had the opportunity to start lessons til he was 14, and he went on to college as a talented pianist and composer.

As they say here, open your case (or piano or mouth!) and someone else out there may be writing the check for your college this! Then let me know how I can help you prepare!


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