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Private lessons are held weekly, every-other-week, or on a drop-in basis. Lessons may be scheduled for 30, 45 or 60 minute blocks of time. Lessons are focused around sound technical training and individual student goals. Beginning from an individual student's strengths, we move forward into instruction tailored to the student's musical ambitions and goals.

Students are expected to arrive on time and prepared to their lessons, with all their music method and assignment books. Method books or any other supplemental materials recommended by the instructor may be purchased at Boomer's Music in Fort Collins, ordered online (SheetMusicPlus or or picked up by the teacher and billed to the student. Students please bring a 3-ring binder to keep assignments and additional handouts organized. Students are asked to enter the studio a few minutes prior their lesson time and wait quietly for the previous student to wrap up. Parents are welcome to come and go as you please, as long as you arrive to pick up your child at the end of their lesson time! Please park in the lot to the rear of the complex, as guest parking is not often available in front of the studio.



Students' progress is greatly determined by their ability to find time for focused practicing between lessons. As a general rule, students should practice a daily minimum that corresponds with the amount of their weekly lesson time (with one to two day off per week). Of course, life happens, and lessons are always productive, with or without preparation, so please do not cancel a lesson because of lack of practicing. When life gets hectic, remember that consistency and quality of practice is more important than quantity, so even just five minutes of practice is far better than skipping that day. If little or no practice starts to become the norm, or practicing issues are causing strife within the family, please contact me sooner than later to discuss the situation! Younger children need parental assistance in finding a regular optimal practice time and environment. They may do better if you are in close proximity, for moral support and clarification on lesson instructions, however you are not asked to teach or micromanage your child's practice time. All students need encouragement and positive feedback when it comes to practicing and performing :)



Our studio recital situation is temporarily on hold. Under usual circumstances, performance opportunities might include one or more of the following: studio recitals, local talent shows, coffee shops, group lessons, sharing recitals at local retirement homes, or in-studio pizza & performance parties. Our monthly performance groups will provide regular informal performance opportunities amongst students of similar age group. High School students may opt to do a shared Junior Recital, and a solo Senior Recital sometime during their last two years of high school.



24-hour advance notice is requested if a lesson must be missed. If arranged ahead of time, you may request a lesson online via Zoom or FaceTime. No refund is given for missed lessons and make-up lessons are not to be expected, however given proper notice of absence, make-up lessons may be requested to be scheduled during one week (generally  the 1st week) of each month. Please give 30 day notice if you plan to discontinue lessons! If you feel you need a more flexible plan, please consider the Drop-In Plan.



Students are encouraged to be year round students to continue their musical progress (studio is generally closed in August). This will also assure their time slot for the following school year. The June-July summer session is extremely flexible, and often offers fun and informative workshops (song writing, creativity, etc). Students are asked to take the minimum summer program in order to secure a space in the following fall schedule. Participation in the summer workshops is highly encouraged as a nice break from the routine, as well as a fun way to explore new musical areas or to concentrate on a specific area of musical interest!



Studio Program

This program includes a set number Private Lessons and Performance Groups during each semester session. Lessons via Skype or FaceTime when out of town or unable to get a ride to the studio is an option if arranged ahead of time! Make-up lessons not to be expected but by teacher's offering may be given during group lesson weeks. Monthly payments are due by the first day of each month. 30 days notice is required to discontinue the program.

Studio Program Tuition - Average of 4 lessons per month (or when possible 3 Private and 1 Performance Group)

30 minute sessions         $160/month 

45 minutes (monthly)    $190/month 

60 minutes (monthly)    $240/month 

Semester Payment Option - 5% discount available when you choose to pay for the entire semester or summer session within the first 2 weeks of that session. (No refunds available with this option)

Please Note: The studio plan is a better deal for you! It allows to minimize bookkeeping for the studio, and more time to focus on teaching lessons. However if payments are not made by the first of the month, the plan is ineffective. Therefore if payment is not made by the first of a given month, the student may be billed at drop-in rates for lessons that month.


Drop-In Lessons

Drop-In Lessons are most ideal for those students who are not able to make a weekly or biweekly commitment. Lessons will be scheduled on an as-needed basis,  subject to studio availability. Payment for each lesson is due at time of scheduling.

Drop-In Lesson Rates

30 min $45

45 min $60

60 min $70


A Sliding Fee Scale may be available on need basis.


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