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It's SO EXCitiNG heading into a new season of musical adventures! With many uncertainties at this time, it is good to know that some things are consistent, and that is true with MUSIC! It will always provide joy to the heart, stimulation to the brain, and blessings beyond measure to the performer and listener as well! I am thankful for all of you, and the opportunity to explore the world of music together. I look forward to discovering musical goals and achieving next levels together as we head into our fall semester beginning this week! Here's what you need to know...



As those of you that have been with our studio for awhile know, “normally” during the school, we have performance group lessons once-a-month, where in place of a lesson that week, we come together in studio groups, learning to sing or play in front of a small supportive group, and to learning music theory, creativity and techniques in fun group activities. This fall, until group sessions are more of a reality, we will be replacing “Performance Groups” with “Performance Weeks”. On the last week of the month, show up for lessons as usual (whether in person or online), where we will do a video performance, and spend the remainder of the lesson doing something “out of the box”. This could include writing a song, learning rhythms with drums, or using the floor piano to learn chords or intervals. This change in routine once a month will continue to give students performance practice, as well as provide a fun break in routine to keep things exciting and fresh!



Trusting that things will settle down eventually, I am hoping to offer these additional 4-week classes October and November. Please let me know if you are interested as class size will be limited! (Class times to be announced, probably Saturdays late morning-early afternoon and Monday afternoons):

MUSIC Keyboards and Drums (Levels 1 and 2)

Kids Choir


Earring Basics

Earrings Beyond Basics



Most of you have confirmed your weekly lesson times. If not, please contact me ASAP with confirmation, or questions! Note: if you are on the Studio Payment Plan (most of you are), you are getting a better rate by making your payment by the first of each month. With this plan, make-up lessons are not to be expected (if given a 24 hour notice, a request for a make-up lesson may be honored depending on scheduling availability). Please keep in mind the possibility of an online lesson if there is a transportation issue! Contact me if you need another arrangement for payment, or if regular attendance is difficult (you may want to look at the Drop-in Plan. Please click here to review our studio policies & payment options! 970-290-2507

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