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Summer Music Fun ~ Lessons & Classes!

Grow & Blossom your musical skills this summer! Some need a bit of a break, and others are excited to do EVEN MORE MUSIC this summer! This program is offered to you to keep things fresh and moving forward, yet giving space for needed rest and play! Do a minimal (BASE) program* or a BONUS program (see details after these exciting new class listings!) Class Schedules will be determined by participants' age & skill level, and availability.

*I request current students do at least a Base Program in order to hold their spot in the studio.

**See Summer Payment Schedule at bottom for lesson & class fees.

RHYTHM & DRUMS (Adult & Children Levels) - Develop and build much needed rhythm skills for all musicians, pianists and singers alike! We will use various hand held rhythm instruments and djembe drums for tons of “getting into the beat” fun!

MUSIC CREATIVITY - (Adult & Children Levels) Want to learn or build on your songwriting or composition skills? Fun activities to build your music creative skills.

(Current Students - see Summer Payment Schedule)

Please consider these options for your summer music program:

*BASE PROGRAM - maintain learning, progress and your space in the studio!

Option 1: 8 private lessons (Schedule between June 8 and August 11)

For those having taken private lessons throughout the year, we will choose some fresh material and focus for summer lessons!

Option 2: 4 private lessons + Summer Class

Option 3: 2 Summer Classes (1 may be a painting or jewelry class)

BONUS PROGRAM - get a boost in your music over the summer months!

Add additional lessons, music classes or art/jewelry classes (above base program) at a 25% discounted fee!

Call, Text or Message Me on this website to sign up for your summer lessons and classes! Lessons and some Classes available online!

These JEWELRY CLASSES & ART CLASSES also count towards Base Program fulfillment (class options)

BEGINNER ALCOHOL INK PAINTING - Vibrant Colors. Kind of like watercolor, but kind of not - definitely its own unique medium! 2-4 Class Sessions

EARRINGS 101 - Fun & Easy Earrings - 2-4 Class Sessions

BEYOND BASICS EARRINGS - Fun & Fancy Bead & Wire Wrapped Earrings- 2-4 Class Sessions


Summer Tuition Rates will be the same as your regular monthly payments. For those taking the Basic Program, two payments will be due, June 1st and July 1st. For those doing a Bonus Add-On, your 3rd payment (25% off your regular payment!) will be due August 1.

For registrants new to the studio, please inquire for rates.


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